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When you insure yourself against loss of your airplane, you protect your investment. Title Insurance is essential to the new purchaser and the new Lending Institution. It insures against forgeries, fraud, and any FAA filing or recording errors.

What is Title Insurance?

Aircraft Title Insurance is available to both Owner and Lender. FAA regulations and laws affect aircraft ownership in very mobile and very expensive equipment, and can spawn some pretty complex transactions.

AIC Title Service provides Title Insurance to protect against:

  • Forged or fraudulently submitted instruments in the FAAs records
  • Improperly or insufficiently executed escrow closing
  • Interests filed AFTER ownership change in documented in FAA records by lien claimants not in possession of an aircraft before the equipment (and the policy) were purchased
  • Federal tax liens up to $250,000 (or face amount of policy if less than $250,000). Remember, Federal Tax Liens are NOT filed at the FAA!
  • And much more.

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What is Title Insurance?

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Meet Our Title Insurance Specialists

Madeline Burget
Member of the AIC Team Since 2017

"As our Title Insurance Specialist, I am responsible for preparing quotes, confirming requirements are met, and issuing title policies. AIC is the best in the industry because of the services we provide, the quality of our services, and the wealth of information our team has as individuals and as a whole."

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Bruce Marshall
Member of the AIC Team Since 2013

"My role at AIC is to help ensure that AIC’s clients and leadership are protected as they move through unprecedented FAA and industry changes. AIC’s great team of professionals and its ongoing commitment to technology are two of my favorite aspects of this company."

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