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The legal framework under which the International Registry operated changes frequently. Fortunately AIC’s extensive experience with international registration assures you that we keep ourselves informed of the changes in procedures.

What is International Registry?

The International Registry operating under the legal framework of the Cape Town Convention may directly impact your aircraft transaction. Covered under the treaty are airplanes certified with eight or more total seats and helicopters certified with at least five seats and with engines rated at 550 horsepower or more. If you do not follow the simple but rather technical procedures, the perfection and priority of your lien will be at risk and you stand to lose these interests to competing creditors or purchasers.

It requires a professional to execute and interpret your title search and registration accurately. At AIC Title Service, our professionals stand ready to help you obtain quality legal opinions and/or title insurance covering Cape Town risks.

Registration of interests in existing assets serve as a notification mechanism to the user community and are considered to be best practice for owners/agents to protect their financial interest in an asset.

Call for more information regarding post Cape Town FAA Aircraft Registration, Lien Perfection, Importing and Exporting of Aircraft, Owning Leasing and Financing of Engines and Documentation.

What is International Registry?

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