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"Everyone is telling you there is a problem."

AIC Title Service has the solution.

ATTENTION: The FAA has issued its Final Rule regarding the Re-Registration and Renewal of all Aircraft. The Rule goes into effect October 1, 2010 and will place substantial new burdens on U.S. aircraft owners. Failure to comply with the new registration rules will result in the cancellation of registration and loss of your assigned N-number for non-compliant aircraft. Failure to comply is also a likely violation of the terms and conditions of the applicable aviation insurance policy and aircraft lease or financing agreements.

Is this new rule going to be a problem for you? Not if you let AIC Title Service share the solution with you. AIC Title Service has been preparing for this Final Rule to go into effect and we are prepared to handle your re-registration and renewal for you professionally and quickly so that you never have to wonder whether you are in compliance.

We here at AIC Title Service have created a proprietary informational system that will work in conjunction with the FAA’s system to monitor your aircraft’s registration status. We will make certain that you do not open yourself up to the greater costs and added liability that come with de-registration of your aircraft.

As with any newly implemented rule, there will be kinks and other details that the FAA will have to work out before the full impact of the rule is felt. So that your aircraft is not affected by one of these unforeseeable kinks, we will initially be Re-Registering everyone with hard copies of the paperwork so that there is never any doubt about the status of your plane and whether or not the available online application has been received and processed. There will be no worries with AIC, we will be able to tell you your status minute by minute until we get your new certificate in your hands.

There is a brief summary of the Final Rule attached for you to peruse. Once you read the new rules, don’t panic. Call AIC Title Service now at 1-800-288-2519 or respond to the AIC staff that contacted you by email to ensure that your aircraft stays in the air and you can worry about more important things . . . like flying!

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