List of Services and Fees*

*All Prices in US Dollars (USD)

Aircraft Escrow Request Quote via email or call 800.288.2519
Aircraft Appraisal Request Quote via email or call 800.288.2519
Current Ownership Title and Lien Search (with 337 Airworthiness Reports) Starting at $79.00**
Current Ownership Title and Lien Search (without 337 Airworthiness Reports) Starting at $79.00**
Engine Lien Search Starting at $89.00**
Propeller Lien Search Starting at $89.00**
Title Insurance Request Quote via email or call 800.288.2519
Chain of Title (Ownership History) Starting at $79.00**
Chain of Lien (Lien History) Starting at $99.00**
Expedited Submission of Documents to the FAA Starting at $79.00 plus FAA Fees**
Title and Lien Search After Document Recording Starting at $79.00**
Declaration of International Operation (Flying Time Wire) $125.00
Duplicate Certificate (Flying Time Wire) $35.00
Reservation and Assignment of FAA N-Number $65.00
Photocopies $30.00 ($.50 per copy)
Import-Export $125.00
Airmen Medical Records $65.00 plus FAA Fees
Certified Pilot Information $65.00 plus FAA Fees
Lien Clearance Service Starting at $500.00
FAA International Authorization Inquiry $35.00
FAA Inquiry by Collateral $35.00

Consultation is available at no charge so that you may call and inquire about the time and cost involved with your specific transaction.  For more information please feel free to call or email us.  Our staff is available to assist you during our working hours from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.  Prices subject to change.

**Additional fees may apply for extensive examination of airframe, engine and propeller reports.

For wiring funds information, please call our escrow department - 800.288.2519

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